Thursday, December 11, 2008

Domaine de Canton 2009 Bartender of the Year SF Semi-Finals

The photos from the Domaine de Canton semi-final competition at Le Colonial in San Francisco are live -- check out some teaser shots below. You can see the full edit at Jenn Farrington Studios and more event and travel photography at my website.

Congrats to all the SF competitors, your drinks were fantastic. Daniel and Marco, see you in Saint Martin!

Kevin Diedrich from Cask

Owen Westman from Bourbon & Branch

Marco Dionysos from Clock Bar

Daniel Hyatt from The Alembic Bar

Borys Saciuk from Michael Mina

Scott Baird from 15 Romolo

Reza Esmaili from Conduit

Canton Rebel by Reza Esmaili

Le Chevalier Blanc by Owen Westman

La Dolce Vida by Borys Saciuk

Snap by Marco Dionysos

The Promissory Note Cocktail by Daniel Hyatt

Jackie Patterson, Beverage Director at Zinnia, SF

Jerry Gianni - SF Director of Sales for Young's Market

Jordan Mackay - Wine and Spirits Editor for 7 x 7 Magazine

Kassidy Harris - Sommelier at Bouchon Bistro, Yountville

Final tasting notes by the judges

Local Canton Flavor Expert, Gabrielle Barnes,
serving the Canton Royale, a Canton signature cocktail

Marco Dionysos, Clock Bar | Borys Saciuk, Michael Mina | Kevin Diedrich, Cask | Daniel Hyatt, The Alembic Bar | Scott Baird, 15 Romolo | Owen Westman, Bourbon & Branch | Reza Esmaili, Conduit


Jamie said...

Great shots Jen ! Really enjoyed the event and seeing you guys. Jamie

Christine Tomlinson said...

You artfully captured the event - beautiful work!