Monday, March 30, 2009

Domaine de Canton 2009 Bartender of the Year Finals

The photos from the Domaine de Canton 2009 Bartender of the Year Finals in French St. Martin are live! Here are just a few teaser shots for you to enjoy.

If you would like to see other photos (there are many more!) the full competition is at this link:
Jenn Farrington Studios.

More event and travel photography
is at this link: JFS website.

Thank you to Domaine de Canton, the Tippling Brothers and Hotel Le Domaine for putting on a truly amazing event. Huge congrats to all competitors -- you were a blast to watch!

The competition begins with steady breezes and views of the beach.

A tropical palette of produce sets the stage.

Gold Domaine de Canton trophies await their winners.

The competitors get shot for the island paper.
Bartenders (left to right): Max Bibrac, Todd Thrasher, Peter Vestinos, Adam Seger, Robert Ortenzio, John Lermayer, Alex Velez, Bob McCoy, Kristen Schaefer, Daniel Hyatt, Damon Dyer, Marco Dionysos & Clif Travers.

The judges: Andrew Knowlton, Jacques Bezuidenhout, Francesco LaFranconi, Angus Winchester & Doug Frost.

Domaine de Canton's creator, John Cooper, kicks off the event.

Max Bibrac, Round One

Max Bibrac's Round One cocktail

Kristen Schaefer, Round One

Kristen Schaefer's Round One cocktail

Alex Velez, Round One

Alex Velez's Round One cocktail

Clif Travers, Round One

Clif Travers' Round One cocktail

Damon Dyer, Round One

Damon Dyer's Round One cocktail

Bob McCoy, Round One

Bob McCoy's Round One cocktail

Robert Ortenzio, Round One

Robert Ortenzio's Round One cocktail

Todd Thrasher, Round One

Todd Thrasher's Round One cocktail

Todd Thrasher, Round Two

Todd Thrasher's Round Two cocktail

Adam Seger, Round One

Adam Seger's Round One cocktail

Adam Seger, Round Two

Adam Seger's Round Two cocktail

Daniel Hyatt, Round One

Daniel Hyatt's Round One cocktail

Daniel Hyatt, Round Two

Daniel Hyatt's Round Two cocktail

Peter Vestinos, Round One

Peter Vestinos' Round One cocktail

Peter Vestinos, Round Two

Peter Vestinos' Round Two cocktail

John Cooper presents third place trophy to winner, Peter Vestinos.

Marco Dionysos, Round One

Marco Dionysos' Round One cocktail

Marco Dionysos, Round Two

Marco Dionysos' Round Two cocktail

John Cooper presents second place trophy to winner, Marco Dionysos.

John Lermayer, Round One

John Lermayer's Round One cocktail

John Lermayer, Round Two

John Lermayer's Round Two cocktail

John Cooper presents grand prize trophy and check to winner, John Lermayer. CONGRATULATIONS!